After 20 years carrying a bag, advising 200 ventures, and coaching 1,000 reps, bestselling author Justin Michael (Tech-Powered Sales) is one of the leading executive coaches in B2B.

Providing GTM-aligned sales workshops, coaching, and RevOps architecture is revolutionary because it leverages Julia’s synergy in brand and marketing.


Tech stack optimization: There are 500 solutions in the outbound SDR stack. Could you pinpoint your fundamental and advanced approach to 10X the power of each rep?

Sequence architecture: How can you stand out in a sea of identical sequences via pattern interrupts, heuristics, and unique syntax? The Justin Michael Method (JMM™) is a mobile responsive based methodology fueled by neurolinguistics, game theory, and psychology.

Outbound sales workshops: Ready to take your good reps and leaders and make them extraordinary with this bespoke one-day immersive experience customized to your revenue motion? 2-3X your pipeline in ±90 days with a proven process, methodology, and reinforcement.

ICP/persona development (w/ Julia):

  • Define and target the perfect prospects.
  • Leverage trigger events.
  • Understand segmentation that aligns with inbound and outbound efforts.