To hell with equity only — you should get paid!

Calling all aspiring paid advisors, consultants, and coaches. Did you know that 40% of 11MM technology sales reps side hustle? Most reps and leaders don’t realize they can rapidly find a niche, productize themselves, monetize and scale up a side hustle to $5-20K/mo rather effortlessly leveraging JMM™ techniques.

Who’s your coach?

As a 3X bestselling author of “Tech-Powered Sales,” “Justin Michael Method 2.0,” and “Sales Superpowers,” Justin Michael is the top executive coach in B2B sales. Ex-Salesforce & LinkedIn, with 20+ years of experience and coaching 1,000 reps from 200 ventures, his insights are invaluable for any executive looking to master paid coaching, consulting and advisory.

Frame 23

Why is it different?

Justin Michael has scaled up to a 100K and even 200K day during the pandemic, and in recession, with his proven 4th frame techniques and 7-step Closing Methodology for coaches and consultants. His counter-intuitive techniques pay homage to master consultants but radically innovate the game.

Coaching Structure

Define – Build – Scale – Your Side Hustle: 
”Deliver deep insight at the deepest level of being”

  1. Select your Superpower Niche
  2. Productize your strongest offering(s)
  3. Roll out pilots to your 1st circle
  4. Leverage testimonials via 4th frame to attract higher-paying clients
  5. Rapidly scale up your 2nd income
  6. Refine your transformational delivery and offering
  7. Master enrollment conversations and closing

…. and more!

Frame 23 (2)

Delivery model:  We will either hold one intensive 2-hour session or hourly recurring sessions for a month minimum.

Commercials: $5,000 for 2 hours or $10,000/mo, or $15,000 on 3-mo commit

Empower yourself to easily pick up an extra $60,000 to $180,000 a year on top of your existing sales gig. Learn proven strategies and techniques to effortlessly kick off a side hustle and scale it up on auto-pilot.