A well-known real estate founder who partners with institutional investors asked Nimchinski/Michael for advice in creating a strong brand identity and working together to unify various brilliant concepts into one cohesive vision. We collaborated to develop a go-to-market strategy for emerging RENT-TO-BUILD investments in the Houston, Texas region.

The founder needed an agency that could innovate at the crossroads of sales and marketing, have extensive inbound and outbound experience, and incorporate a strong design sense when creating a go-to-market strategy.


In a customized GTM workshop, we helped the client navigate their strategy, beliefs, and reasoning behind the project. With these insights, we developed a strategic GTM plan that best reflects their vision to introduce it to a dual-sided marketplace: tenants interested in new rental methods, and real estate investors, both traditional and non-traditional (retirees from the private sector) who aren’t familiar with the category.

We created a comprehensive go-to-market plan from scratch, starting with the project’s name, concept, brand positioning, marketing approach, sales tactics, revenue plan, fundraising strategy, and messaging.

This workshop provided brand clarity, definition, positioning, and ultimately, a name — RAY, which stands for (R)eal estate, (A)merican Dream, (Y)ou.

The DNA of America is the American Dream. It’s more than a house, it’s a home. The young generation of Americans changed, but real estate hasn’t. It’s time to reimagine it with RAY.

The RAY way of living.

You are free to live the lifestyle of your dreams now. 
You are safe, secure, and comfortable. 
You choose how you want to live, your home gets out of your way.

Our goal is to promote RAY as the top option for Rent-to-Build, a unique category for individuals who desire additional space, modern amenities, and quality schools without the chaos of city living. RAY offers private investors and retirees the opportunity to invest in a distinctive real estate market that carries less risk than investing in tech stocks.

How we can help?

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