Our GTM strategy for HYPCCCYCL was to disrupt the static virtual event approach and safe/conservative B2B industry, by sticking way out. The climate in the height of the pandemic was ripe for innovation with oversaturated events causing zoom fatigue. We launched a monthly go-to-market cross-training ompetition that took the industry by storm.

To create the purple cow, we debranded into pure B&W vs. a sea of “blue Calibri.” We created a name that satirized acronymic analysts. The theme of the event was like CrossFit or Olympics where a sales athlete would do marketing drills or vice versa addressing the age-old problem of sales and marketing alignment. Remarkably, it had never been done. The purpose was to help GTM leaders break out of the silo and get closer tothe customer’s viewpoint.

The top analyst at Forrester in B2B remarked, “I can’t believe it’s never been done before.” And the rest as they say, is history.

Differentiated GTM elements
  • Logo: Mobius Strip to signify the “infinite” customer journey. The brand was built on 3D shapes and animation like spheres moving around loops;
  • CCC naming: “customers, competition, company” — Kenichi Ohmae (Japanese godfather of GTM organizational theory);
  • Leveraged a LinkedIn login vs. a form fill to ensure real GTMers;
  • Created a new category of “customer-centric events,” became the basis for the book: ReinventingVirtualEvents.com;
  • HYPCCCYCL quickly became the most unique GTM Community in B2B, the only one where VC judges coached interactive simulations;
  • Over 300 executives have participated and 70 sponsors (like Outreach, 6sense, ZoomInfo, and Gong) with a total community size of 50,000 making it a major creative and commercial success on all levels;
  • Exclusivity — spectators were added to a waiting list to control community quality.
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