The parent company of FLYYT-X, ConnectAndSell, has a parallel-assisted
calling automation technology that is so powerful that no one believes the results are real.

CAS brought us an initial concept of Flight School™ and were looking for ways to make the idea as disruptive as possible. Instead of calling field sales people to participate in tests of the software, they wanted to pull the market to them with a competition-style event.

Differentiated GTM elements
  • We immediately isolated the disruptive nature of a space mission theme vs Top Gun.
  • By holding gamified calling events the client could showcase their technology while pulling ICPs into their ecosystem.
  • Instead of flights, caller astronauts would take missions that reflected the stages of a rocket. These stages are also the steps of a client’s signature process to act as an educational vehicle for the adoption of the product.
  • For wow factor and complimentary gamification hooks, we’ve created a custom crypto currency called FLYYT-$ that allows participants to purchase additional experiences.
How we can help?

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