“I’ve been imitated so well I’ve heard people copy my mistakes.”

— Jimi Hendrix

When HYPCCCYCL went to rebrand “itself” it was a unique challenge. They had to cross the chasm on their own from addressing early adopters and innovators to resonating with the early majority.

Welcome to the trade off of GTM excellence. If you nail it, you’ll be copied left and right. The upside is you create a new category or market.

In HYPCCCYCL’s case, other rival communities quickly got the memo: copying their black and white color scheme, the “GTM Games” competition naming, even right down to the fonts.

To out-innovate itself, they released a v2 of their brand in animated Fibonacci ‘Golden Mean’ spiral so differentiated it was impenetrable as emulation would be too blatant.

Recognizing it might be time to pivot, the team audited the audience to pulse check psychographics. A new brand focus was uncovered: why not reimagine the event series from skill-building (like salespeople doing marketing drills and vice versa) to recession-proof GTM strategies which develop stronger business acumen. Reflecting on possible ICPs, they selected a VP to C-Level leadership audience for Phase II vs. a more general GTM innovator persona in Phase I. This in turn, had stronger appeal with advertisers.

Learning by doing separates HYPCCCYCL in a crowded red ocean of B2B communities. Featuring various methods like JOLT, MOVE, Challenger, SPIN, OODA, and ABM, in simulation where contestants learned at their own pace, the audience was able to gauge which ones apply better to their organization and go-to-market motion.

Differentiated GTM elements
  • Improved the caliber of coaching and drills. Beyond B2B celebrities, HYPCCCYCL now has the freedom to tap any esoteric innovator with a game changing GTM method.
  • Created the net flicks of B2B: A comprehensive archive of 150+ past events that members can access freely if they badge their profile as “members” of the community. Where else can you watch a diverse array of B2B methodology?
  • Relaunched the GTM Slack at HYPCCCYCL 2.0 the first non-pod, non-bot, non link dumping knowledge share to uplevel the concept of B2B community.
  • HYPCCCYCL’s permise is to make the user practitioner the thinker and star. We provided reports with two-dozen (often conflicting) opinions on GTM tactics for lead/meeting gen & tech stacks effective in recessions. This is a disruptive approach to editorialized views.
How we can help?

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