Chris Rocas Consulting

Chris Rocas is an elite sales executive in the packaging industry. He needed a way to boost his consultancy revenue by speaking to disruptive new packaging companies as a trusted advisor.

Defining his ICP through N/M’s WRKSHP™, we found a way to provide bespoke consulting packages (pun intended!) to the buyers of packaging and the sellers, applying his over a decade of experience selling 100MM in packaging solutions.

He needed a disruptive brand: PKG and a visual play on boxes was the initial idea. It turned out Chris Rocas Consulting was even stronger as the face of the brand, a trusted advisor and expert in his arena.

Differentiated GTM elements
  • “Think outside the box” slogan and a UX grid view like in TRON that moved.
  • Futuristic modern branding/design elements as he sought to revolutionize his clients’ growth through GTM innovation and sustainability through packaging.
  • Two selectable customer views: I am a “buyer” / I am a “seller”.
  • New 3D logo and rotating 3D shapes.
  • Minimalist Jack Butcher sparse line design themes.
How we can help?

If you’re interested in working together or would like to know more, drop us a message.